As the days get longer and the clocks skip forward, handcrafted German BELSAZAR Rosé Vermouth  is a unique concept, using selected botanicals and herbaceous flavours.

The intricacy of the Vermouth can be unfurled with two seasonal serves: Ice and tonic, a refreshing and aromatic alternative to the G&T, and the the Rosé Spritz.

BELSAZAR Rosé & Tonic

Ingredients (one glass):

50ml BELSAZAR Rosé

Fever Tree Tonic Water


  • Pour BELSAZAR Rosé into a highball glass
  • Fill with ice cubes and top up with tonic water
  • Serve with lemon zest

BELSAZAR Rosé Spritz

Ingredients (one glass):

50ml BELSAZAR Rosé

80ml Sparkling Wine


  • Pour BELSAZAR Rosé into a wine glass
  • Fill with ice cubes
  • Top up with sparkling wine, stir gently and serve with a raspberry

BELSAZAR Rosé sits alongside three other variants including: Dry, Red and White and all use distinctive botanicals and herbaceous flavours to bring depth and freshness to cocktails, signature serves and cookery.

BELSAZAR is made by selecting the best produce from award winning winemakers in the region. The wine is then blended with small-batch Schladerer fruit brandies and 20 different homegrown spices, herbs, peels and blossoms. The addition of Schladerer fruit brandy enriches BELSAZER, crafting a more unusual and complex drink.

The hands-on ageing process takes place in stoneware casks, to give the ingredients maximum time to blend whilst preserving their freshness, complexity and balance.

Belsazar Rosé is zesty with fresh and light with tones of summer fruit acidity and vermouth’s typical bitter-sweetness harmonise perfectly.

Belsazar Red embraces comforting vanilla sweetness with hints of dark caramel, matured cherries and spices. A strong partner in a dark and heavy classic cocktail.

Belsazar Dry has the fruity and floral taste and finishes with bitter aromatics ideal with light gourmet cuisine and classic, dry cocktails.

Belsazar White has full-bodied sweetness and aromas of dried peach and oranges complimented by the vermouth bitter tone. It’s whole complexity unfolds when used in full-bodied cocktails or fresh long drinks on ice.

ABV: Dry-19%, White-18%, Rose-17.5%, Red- 18%

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