An award winning recipe from Jesse Dunford Wood at Parlour

Flour Mix

  • 100g   flour
  • 15g     black mustard seeds
  • 15g     white mustard seeds
  • 5g        smoked paprika
  • 5g        celery salt
  • 5g        white pepper
  • 5g        cayenne pepper
  • Pinchturmeric

Mix all above together. Set aside.

Nuggest (quantity per person)

  • ½      Chicken breast – bite size chunks
  • 2 tbls  Buttermilk

Marinade the chicken (small pieces of chopped breast meat) in buttermilk overnight (or 3-4 hours)

Take the chicken out, and roll it in the flour mix until dry. Fry in vegetable oil until crispy and golden brown on the outside and tender in the middle – approx. 4-5 minutes.