By Nicolas Magie

A recipe from the marvellous St James Hotel in Bordeaux, read our review.

Ingredients for 4 people


4 pieces of 130 g of sole fillets

30 g of salted butter

Leaves and flowers of lemon tree

Mashed Paella

50 g of diced chorizo

4 chopped onions

2 garlic heads

5 g of saffron

200 g of Arborio rice

2 liters of mussels juice

Olive oil


100 pieces of mussels

100 pieces of prawns 20/30

2kg of peas

1kg of new peas

1kg of green beans

Rice crisps

320 g of long rice

1liter of water

20 g paprika

Crispy puffed rice

100 g of puffed rice

20 g of dried tomato powder Dried tomato powder 20gr

2 g of espelette pepper

2 g of powdered saffron


Mashed paella

Make the chopped onions and garlic sweat with a little bit of olive oil and add the chorizo and saffron.

Make pearled rice and moisten it with the juice. Cook it for half an hour but check it regularly so it does not stick.

Drain it then mix it and save the preparation and save the preparation.


Cook the mussels marinara and take care to keep the juice for the previous preparation.

Peel the prawns and put them on a plate. Cook them for 5 minutes at 56° and save them in the fridge.

Boil the peas, new peas and green beans and make sure they stay crunchy.

Rice crisps

Cook rice in water with paprika over low heat for about an hour then mix it in the blender. Display the mashed rice on greaseproof paper and let it dry during 4 hours at 50°.

Break pieces of it and fry them at 190°

Crispy puffed rice

Mix the puffed rice with tomato powder , Espelette pepper and saffron evenly .

Cooking soles

Fry your sole fillets in a hot non-stick pan with a little bit of oil then add some salted butter, leaves and flowers of lemon tree.

Sprinkle generously to keep them “rosé”

Draw a nice line of mashed paella then display a spoon of crispy rice and hot vegetables. Arrange the prawns and warm mussels and gently place the crispy puffed rice and finally your sole fillets.