This is quite mild as a mustard but that Morello cherry is excellently fruity and means it will pair surprisingly well with desserts. Maille have come up with this recipe for you to try.


COOKING TIME 90 minutes


Prepare the strawberry juice:Slice the strawberries into pieces and add 100g of sugar. Cover with film and leave to steep for 1 hour. Put through the vegetable mill and filter. Leave aside.

Prepare the meringue:Use 100g of egg white and 100g of glucose. Bring the glucose to the boil. Beat the egg white, glucose, and a touch of Maille mustard together into a meringue.Spread thinly over a lightly oiled sheet of cooking paper.Leave to dry in the oven at 70°C for 40 minutes to an hour, then cut out discs with a round pastry-cutter.

Prepare the Mousseline sauce:Prepare the pastry cream with 250l of milk, 25g of sugar 74g of egg yolk and 25g of flour. Mix together the egg yolk, sugar, and flour. Bring the milk to the boil. Pour the milk over the preparation and cook for a few minutes. Keep in the refrigerator. Take 80g of pastry cream, add 25g of softened butter, 25g of Maille mustard and 250g of whipped cream.


Pour the strawberry juice into the plates. Arrange the Mousseline sauce on the plate with a piping bag and set the meringue discs on top.

Recipe by Emmanuel Renaut, winner of the Meilleurs Ouvriers competition for the best craftsmen in France, Maison Maille Chef awarded 3 Michelin stars.

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