Summer in Britain, is there anything better? Whether you’re whipping out your shorts at the first mention of 16-and-sunny or planning a staycation there really is nothing better than balmy evenings spent listening to cricket with an assortment of snacks. Posh Birds, purveyor of fancy eggs, brings you recipes to named after summertime staples to get you in the mood for a hopefully long hot summer. 

Posh Birds do’The Season’

Posh Birds, the speciality eggs for the discerning gal about town, has teamed up with celebrity chef and bona fide Posh Bird, Sophie Michell, to create a selection of recipes designed to accompany the very best engagements that make up the British’Season’.

Sophie’s Posh Birds recipes, are all of which are themed around sophisticated occasions, such as Royal Ascot and the Henley Regatta. Posh Bird brand ambassador, Sophie Michell, says: “The events that make up the British season are iconic and to enjoy them properly one must have sufficiently posh fare, a sausage roll simply won’t suffice.  The recipes I have developed fit perfectly with the season and will add to your enjoyment of each social engagement.  Now those with taste can enjoy speciality eggs with a helping hand from Posh Birds and yours truly.”

Sophie Michell’s top tips for perfect Posh Bird eggs:

  • The difference between buying good quality rare breed eggs is huge, the flavour, consistency and texture are far superior.
  • Add a couple of tablespoons of white wine vinegar to your cooking water when you are cooking quail eggs.  It makes them easier to peel.
  • Duck eggs are great for baking, especially when not using so much flour (when making nut-based or wheat-free cakes) as the whites are stronger and they hold their shape better.
  • Duck eggs make the best scrambled eggs, the yolks are incredibly rich and therefore you don’t need to add cream or even too much butter.
  • Soft boiled quail eggs, hen eggs and even duck eggs make a sophisticated and instant canapé with a little touch of celery salt.

Posh Birds eggs are laid by speciality breeds of high-flying birds that are living the dream. All Posh Birds ladies enjoy the finer things in life, and as result they lay eggs of a superior quality. 

Posh Bird’s Gold Cups with ham, truffle and quail eggs recipe

Posh Bird’s Lavender crème brulée recipe 

Posh Bird’s Raspberry and vanilla mini cheesecakes