When the weather is hot, nothing hits the spot likes some tea, especially tea mixed and champagne! A recipe from The Tea Makers of London

White Peony, Rose and Champagne Cocktail

1)          Place circa 3 tablespoons of White Peony Supreme tea in your Magic Tea Infuser

2)          Add 6 whole rose buds

3)          Pour in fresh, cold water

4)          Leave to brew over night in your fridge

5)          Mix 3 parts of your cold brewed tea with 1 part champagne

6)          Enjoy chilled

Step-by-step guide to cold brewing with The Tea Makers of London

1)          Start by choosing the right tea. We recommend fruity and herbal flavours. See the list below for teas that are perfect for cold brewing. 

2)          Add your tea to an infuser and place in a jug, bottle or mason jar. You can also place the tea directly in the water and strain with a sieve after infusion. Alternatively, you can use your Magic Tea Infuser.

3)          Let your tap run and add cold, fresh water to your jug or bottle.

4)          Set aside in the fridge for a minimum of three hours.

5)          Enjoy chilled.


  • For 500ml of water, add circa 3-4 tablespoons of tea.
  • For 1l of water, add circa 5-6 tablespoons of tea.
  • For 2l of water, add circa 7-8 tablespoons of tea.