Trishna restaurant in Marylebone, has created a tasting menu for diners that harnesses the vitality and healing power of food, according to the ancient principles of Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda, from the Sanskrit words ‘Ayus’ (life) and ‘Veda’ (science) and meaning ‘the science of life’ is a 5000-year-old holistic healing system of traditional medicine, native to India.

One of its core tenets is the belief that building a healthy metabolic system is essential for good health. Many physical diseases can be traced back to overindulgence and stress and so can be cured through a healthy, balanced diet. As such, its dietary recommendations have been incorporated into the spice-rich tasting menu at Trishna.

Trishna’s proprietor Karam Sethi comments, ‘Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old system proven to heal all manner of ailments, even the stresses of 21st century life that affect the modern Londoner. The aim with the special menu at Trishna is to offer a meal that is balanced not only in terms of taste, but also nutrition. Guests can indulge in a multi-course menu, happy in the knowledge that their acting in the interests of their mental and physical health.”

Ingredients on the new menu that boast healing ayurvedic properties include:

Helps improve digestion and lower blood pressure.
A natural decongestant, it is anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic. It helps protect the liver
This crucial souring agent has medicinal uses; it’s an appetite stimulant, aids digestion and cleans the system.Cumin
A good source of iron; stimulates pancreatic enzymes
Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar
Black Pepper
Has cleansing and anti-oxidant properties, and helps the free flow of oxygen to the brain.
Has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial functions. Natural coconut fat protects against alcohol damage to the liver and improves the immune system’s anti-aging response.
Red Chilli
Purifies the blood, stimulates the circulation and energises the body. It also aids the digestion of proteins.

The Ayurvedic tasting menu

Diver-caught Scallops
Seared with green chilli and garlic
Spiced rice flour, lime zest, chilli salt
Wild Tiger Prawns
Mustard spice paste, cooked on the sigri
Hariyali Bream
Mint, coriander and green chilli masala,
charred tomato kachumber
Isle of Shuna Mussels
simmered in coconut and turmeric masala
Lamb Chops
Ginger and Kashmiri chilli marinade, mustard mooli
Market Fish Curry
Cooked in coastal spices and coconut masala
Mango Kheer
Mango rice pudding, sweet chilli and pistachio
£34.50 per person

Trishna, 15-17 Blandford Street, Marylebone Village, London, W1U 3DG

020 7353 3633