Stuffing yourself silly on the latest must-eat is all well and good, but what does it all MEAN? King’s’Feed Your Mind’ Festival explores the cerebral side of our infinite obsession with all things edible, attempting to provide plenty of tasty fodder for the old grey cells to chew over – and what’s more, all the events across the college’s London campuses are free.

The programme for the second annual self-styled’week-long festival of food and ideas’ is one you’ll want to gorge on til you feel quite bloated from all the information you’ve absorbed. Subjects for plays, debates and lectures include obesity, fasting, ethical eating, and the science of curry. Topical matters like the 5:2 diet and GM foods are also on the menu.

Whether you want to know what foods will improve a rotten mood or get to grips with the drug-like powers of spices, there’s an event to relish. There’s even the chance to take a’Journey to the Centre of the Gut’ with foodie experimentalists Bombas and Parr. For something that’s so much a part of human life, there’s a lot we don’t know about the food we eat. We recommend you dig in a little deeper.