Next week neighbourhood fish brasserie, Kensington Place, will transform its private dining room into a pop-up restaurant: FISHBone. Yes, it’s that bone word again.

A cod’s head throw from Notting Hill station, FISHBone will be a fish and seafood spin on the bewildering‘gourmet fast-food’ trend. Seating only 36 diners, there will be a fashionable large communal wooden table running through the centre of the room, with vintage signs and posters adorning the walls.

Inspired by the restaurant’s hit summer menu, FISHBone will offer a range of’fast-fish’ dishes created by head chef Dan Loftin, including Salmon’doner’ with pitta, cucumber and yoghurt and Pulled skate with beurre noisette and capersalongside the menu’s classic serving of the Scallopdog with brown shrimp and cucumber vierge. Food is served on trays, perfect for diners to share  extras such as Prawnish pasties and Crab bhajis and unwind in the restaurant’s relaxed atmosphere.

A pared-back drinks list will offer white wine sangria served in Kensington Place’s iconic fish gluggle jugs,  hot and cold sake; and a selection of British beers and spirits.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Thursday: 12noon – 3pm; 6.30pm Ã¢â‚¬â€œ 10:30pm

Friday to Saturday: 12noon – 3pm; 6.30pm – 11pm

Sunday to Monday: Closed

Open from 1st February – 31st March 2014