Finest* Mulled fruit streusel topped pies

Have a break from munching mince pies and try these tartlets, their shells well-filled with spicily-sozzled fruit and topped with buttery streusel.

Available from Tesco, £2.50

Panettone flavour concentrate

Panettone has a haunting flavour you can’t quite put your finger on. Now you can get your mitts on this and create a Christmas cracker of your own.

Available from Sous Chef, £8.50

Fortnum & Mason’Nuts About Christmas’ pudding

You’ll go utterly nutty for this celebration of our country – showcasing English cobnuts, damsons, cider brandy, damson gin, and ginger wine.

Available from Fortnum & Mason, £45

Deluxe All-Butter Quadruple Nut Cookies

Cracking cookies to send any biscuit-fancier totally nuts. These slip down with frightening ease whatever the time of day – must be all that butter. 

Available from Lidl, £1.39

Finest* Gingerbread sponge pudding

Not everyone likes that cannonball of fruit’n’booze. Haters might be more receptive to this sticky, sweetly-spiced, gingerbread sponge pud.

Available from Tesco, £2.50

Fortnum & Mason’Three Kings’ petit fours mince pies

This trio of temptations is fit for any king – Persian, Arabian and Indian-inspired pastry pies infused respectively with gold, frankinscense and myrrh.

Available from Fortnum & Mason, £12.95

Biscuiteers Nativity tin

A tin housing a dozen intricately-iced, spiced biscuits depicting all the requisite Christmas story characters – perfect for keeping blood sugar’stable’…

Available from Biscuiteers, £35

Speculoos flavour concentrate

Friends who make a beeline for the biscuits at a continental Christmas market will love this magical mixture for spicing up their home-cooked cookies.

Available from Sous Chef, £8.50

Stained-glass shortbread biscuit kit

Get crafty with all the wherewithal required to turn out whimsical shortbread frames with panes of coloured’glass’ (aka melted boiled sweets).

Available from Tesco, £5

Fortnum & Mason Mulot et Petit Jean pain d’epices

This old-skool tin of beautifully-spiced Dijonnaise cake-breads is a Fortnum’s exclusive; featuring a tasty trio of types – each filled with a different jam.

Available from Fortnum & Mason, £17.50

Favorina Stollen with poppyseed or hazelnut filling

The traditional sweet German loaf is pimped with a swirl of poppyseed or hazelnut paste. Eat a slice and proudly proclaim that it’s’stollen’ your heart.

Available from Lidl, £1.99