Since 1912 diners have come together on the eve of Spring for a one off dining experience in celebration of French gastronomy. The Goût de France, or Good France, is a unique evening meal designed to honour the tradition and experimental tastes of French delicacies.

For one night only, on the 19th March, The Balcon restaurant will celebrate this century-old tradition.

The Balcon is inviting visitors to dine from a special menu, which celebrates the French values of sharing, enjoyment and respect for eating well. Guests to The Balcon will be treated to seven courses, carefully designed by Executive Chef Vincent Ménager, who has integrated fresh local produce into a delicious tour of French cuisine.

From the first dish diners will be whisked to the vineyards of France with an aperitif of Champagne and Gougères – a traditional French puff pastry filed with cheese, followed by a delicious cold starter of Cockles, Clams and Fennel Salad, then a warm plate of Onsen Egg with Meurette Sauce. 

One of the main values of the Goût de France is quality, which Vincent Ménager highlights by embracing fresh dishes of Cornish Sardines and Devonshire Mussels and a further course of succulent Loin of Scottish Venison.

For final indulgence guests will be treated to French Rocamadour Goat Cheese and a dessert of Rhubarb and White Chocolate Soufflé served with traditional Rose Macaroon Crumbs. Each course is to be accompanied by a specialty wine hand picked to compliment each plate. 

The French are widely regarded as the leaders in innovative cuisine and are always recognised for their creativity whilst respecting the importance of fresh, seasonal and local produce. Vincent’s menu continues this creative tradition whilst reducing levels of fat, sugar and salt for a nutritionally  balanced taste sensation. 

The Goût de France menu is priced at £120.

To book please call +44 (0)20 7389 7820 or email [email protected], alternatively you can visit the website at