Perfect for Pancake Day: Hilltop’s new pure Canadian maple syrup Why stick (literally) to Golden Syrup when you can go mad with maple.

mcith_Hilltop%20Maple.jpegWe’re old school here, a tin of golden syrup partly stuck to the larder shelf is what we reach for come pancake day, but Maple Syrup is a whole new taste experience

Hilltop is pure 100% Canadian maple syrup and comes in an easy squeezy, recyclable bottle – and is Grade A, the highest quality you can get. The taste, colour and aroma from season-to-season is subtly different, as the maple flavour matures over time. 

There are two types to choose from which get their colour and flavour from being harvested at different points in the season.

The Very Dark Maple Syrup has a strong, powerful flavour from being harvested late on in the season, while the Amber Maple Syrup which has a richness to it and a lighter colour as it’s harvested slightly earlier. 

Both the Hilltop Amber Maple Syrup and Dark Maple Syrup are available in 230g and 640g squeezy bottles from The RRP for the 230g bottle is £3 and the RRP for the 640g bottle is £7.50.

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