Michelin-starred fine-dining Chinese restaurant HKK has launched Duck & Champagne, an exclusive four-course Saturday lunch showcasing the skill and expertise of the Chinese kitchen, led by Hakkasan and HKK’s Executive Head Chef Tong Chee Hwee.

Accompanied by Louis Roederer Champagne, guests will enjoy Roast cherry wood Peking duck – the restaurant’s signature dish prepared over forty-eight hours – cooked with rare Chinese ingredients and techniques resulting in a series of dishes unique to the restaurant.

Available each Saturday lunch at HKK in the City, Duck & Champagne celebrates the journey of the Peking duck through the artistry of the Chinese kitchen, from the duck’s birth in Silver Hill Farm where the Irish climate is ideal for farming, through the two day process of preparing and cooking, to the carving and individuality of serving styles.

At HKK each duck is marinated in a glaze of Chinese five spice, lemon grass, sugar, vinegar and garlic, and is hung to dry for minimum of twenty-four hours at 3°C, before being placed in the custom-made glass-windowed firestone oven for one and a half hours over a cherry wood fire until the meat is succulent and the glossy skin crisp.

Priced at £49 per person the Duck & Champagne menu is for two to share and includes:

Bottle of Louis Roederer Brut Premier Champagne

Blue crab salad

One whole Cherry wood roasted Peking duck

1st serving

With steamed black truffle mantou and Imperial caviar

2nd serving

With sesame pancakes

Duck and abalone supreme stock with egg fried rice

Nashi pear and Champagne mousse with cotton candy