South London look out! That liver tongued cheeky chappy, likes a beer, likes a laugh, likes to have it large chef Jamie Oliver is launching a new chain of food stores that allow customers to create their own dishes under the guidance of professionals.

It’s going to be called Recipease (puntastic mate) and as well as showing the ordinaries how to prepare and assemble set dishes, they will also be able to buy meals all made up and ready to serve. Now that’s more like it. The first of what is planned to be a chain will open at the end of February in an unspecified South London location. Unspecified cos if we know where it is we will wob it, innit.

It rather follows on from his recent TV series where he attempted to break Ramsey’s record for saying F**k as many times as possible while trying to teach some simple souls how to cook, “By having trained chefs helping the customers I think we can really get people excited about food. . . . I really believe that if the produce and product is exceptional and good value, then people will find this service dead handy.”