If you’re a consummate foodie that likes to impress the fam on Christmas morning and throughout the festive season, there’s a good selection of seafood and shellfish to keep you (and your mouth) busy.

At Loch Fyne locations up and down the country, in-house fish mongers are offering ethically sourced fresh fish at competitive prices. Let us round up our top picks (all sourced from the real Loch Fyne!) for a very merry Fishmas…

Loch stocked and several smoked salmons

First up, smoked salmon. A true Christmas classic, Loch Fyne salmon is dry cured next to the loch and smoked using wood chips from old whisky casks. The only thing that would make that sentence more Scottish is if perhaps this guy were the one catching them.

Whisky marinated smoked salmon – RRP £12.70 for 200g sliced  

Bradan Rost Whole Side – RRP £42.55 for 1kg

Classic smoked salmon whole side – RRP £25 for 1kg.

You say Oysters and I say… ersters?

Shuck it up and get the whole family singing that one round the table with this batch of 24 Loch Fyne oysters, priced at £29.60.

Rope-grown mussels

Serve up a steaming bowl of Moules Mariniere to warm those chilly bones. In terms of quality and value you can’t go wrong with Loch Fyne’s naturally rope-grown mussels, priced at  £3.95 per kg