Head south to Forest Hill’s The Signal Pub for’Meals on Reels’, a multi-sensory edible cinematic experience that kicks off with one of Britain’s biggest cult films, Withnail and I, on the evening of Friday, 24th May.

mcith_Withnail-and-I---The-Signal.jpgThe scene is set with the pub’s private Control Room featuring elements from Withnail’s shambolic kitchen and Monty’s old country house.

Get ready to eat and drink your way through the desperation and adventure of Withnail and Marwood whilst feasting on a whopping 10 small plates and knocking back plenty of drinks, reflecting the drunken exploits of the film’s stars, Richard E. Grant and Paul McGann.

This is a truly immersive dining experience; from mini Marwood fried egg sandwiches from the film’s first scene shot in a greasy spoon through to mini saveloy and chips, a starter-sized roast dinner and, as for Danny, the drug dealer’s infamous’Camberwell Carrot’, get ready for a surprise!

As one would expect from a screening of Withnail and I, drinks feature aplenty. Kick off with a slurp of red wine straight from the bottle as Withnail says:  “We’ve just run out of wine, what are we gonna do about it?”

Then, join the gang back at Uncle Monty’s for Shirley Temples and Rhesus-negative Bloody Mary shots and, instead of drinking lighter fluid as Withnail does, Meals on Reels has cachaça for you.

At the line, “I feel like a pig shat in my head” there’s shots of whisky before you join the gang over cards with a Pernod and Water – it’s “ace bets two, and it’s over to you”.

Tickets are priced at £20 for early birds and £25 thereafter. Vegans aren’t left out of the debauchery with plant-based options available on request.

You may not remember the sixties, neither did Withnail, but Meals On Reels guarantees a memorable experience like no other. 

Seats are limited so grab a ticket at the table with Withnail, Marwood and Monty.

Details: Friday 24th May

Upstairs in The Control Room at The Signal Pub

Film starts at 7pm. Tickets are £20 Early Bird £25 Standard

For tickets and more information visit:


The Signal, 7 Devonshire Road, Forest Hill, SE23 3HE

T : 020 326 9300 E : [email protected]