The Meat and Wine Co. Unit 1026, Westfield London. Tel: 020 8749 5914

The Meat & Wine Co has announced that their recently launched wine club, ‘The Meet & Wine Club’, will be holding it’s third meeting on Tuesday 1st September 2009 entitled ‘Call my bluff Mr Chancellor’.

In the current economic climate we are all looking at ways in which we might economise. The event’s focus is all about buying value for money wines. The Meat and Wine Co. experts will guide you through this potential minefield, revealing that it’s not all about heading straight for the cheapest on the shelf, but being adventurous. They’ll also be challenging you to tell the difference between a selection of vin ordinaire and vintage. And any attendee who achieves full marks will be entered into a draw to win a wine hamper. We understand that accompanying the taste test will be platters of delicious canapés and all this is very reasonably priced at £20 per head.

So, whether you are unable to tell your Pinotage from your Pinot Noir, or you pride yourself on being a bit of a Premier Cru, The Meet & Wine Club could well be for you! Offering a potent mix of fine wines, great food and insider knowledge, the club plan to host entertaining and informative monthly events on the first Tuesday of every month. These soirées will be perfect for those who want to learn more about wine in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

Apart from ‘Call my bluff Mr Chancellor’ on Tuesday 1st September, the club has the Wine Maker’s Dinner planned on Tuesday 6th October and vents for November and beyond are currently in the planning stages.