Helena was delighted to be invited to try succulent steak, canapes, wine and cocktails for the launch of National steak day.

mcith_steak1.jpgNot only do I appreciate a nice bit of steak, but the notion of’national days’ are an interesting phenomenon.

Traditionally for celebrations of nationhood for significant dates such as independence days or the birthday of a ruler, everyone has a day off work, a holiday.

 Now in 2019, nearly every day is a national day. The notion is so saturated that this week, for example, we have national beer day, no housework day, empanada day, zoo lovers’ day, siblings’ day and library workers day.

The steak day event is held during British Beef Week (April 2019) at Smith & Wollensky, a gorgeous venue with classic American decor of white table cloths, mahogany wood and a’quality meat’ sign – which was absolutely accurate.

We were offered excellent steaks such as 60 day aged and 28 day aged, and canapes of Carpaccio & parmesan crostini and Ox Tongue Ruben. All of which was paired with gorgeous Louis M Martini Cabernet Sauvignon.


The founder of the day Nathan Evans stated meat is getting a bad rep. Meant in almost opposition to Vegan, he said “If Vegans can have a month, we can have a day”.

We know now that meat isn’t so great for us, but Evan’s wants us to, “not to eat more steak but better steak”, which is why he was so passionate to make the day official.

To end, whilst someone was sucking on a bone he shouted “That’s what I like to see, get that man another steak’”.

National Steak day is now 25th April and it is definitely a marketing plan, but who really doesn’t like good 25% off steak and other meat-centric offers at participating butchers and restaurants?

 For more info – www.thenationalsteakday.com