Johnnie Walker and Oblix have launched The Johnnie Walker Grand Voyage at Oblix East. A new sensory experience that promises to take guests on a flavour-filled journey to the four corners of the world.

mcith_WideVesselShot-OPT01.jpgThe Johnnie Walker Grand Voyage at Oblix East allows guests to taste premium whiskies and luxury cocktails infused with global flavours. Exclusively available at the Oblix East Bar, the eight different Johnnie Walker blends will be matched with bites that reflect the flavours highlighted throughout the voyage.

The Grand Voyage is inspired by the epic ocean expeditions that took Johnnie Walker from the four corners of Scotland to the four corners of the world, as well as the energy of the Oblix East team.

For anyone eager to get to grips with whisky blends for the first time it’s ideal, as well as being a good experience for whisky connoisseurs. Plus you get a brilliant view of London out the windows.

Centred on an impressive whisky vessel, there are eight tanks each filled with a premium selection of Johnnie Walker blends to choose from.

Each of the tanks is encased in wood that infused with distinctive flavour profiles from around the world, such as Apple, Cinnamon, Bergamot & Chamomile from Europe; Fig & Ras El Hanout from The Middle East; or Tobacco, Popcorn & Walnut from the USA.

Infused via a reverse barrel process, the wood has been aged for over four weeks prior to being launched. The vessel will permanently sit atop the bar at Oblix East and boasts a design inspired by the whisky shipping crates found in the depths of the Johnnie Walker archive.


You can opt to try four Johnnie Walker cocktails or single serve whiskies and three accompanying bar bites as part of the Lux Experience (£100) or just enjoy a tipple and snack as part of the Entry Experience (£35), both of which will be hosted by one of Oblix’s top bartenders to guide you through your experience.

Bar bites include Black Angus beef skewers with honey, ginger and soy; cheese and basil croquettes; or fried squid.

If you’re drinking and dining at Oblix East, you can also enjoy one of the Johnnie Walker Grand Voyage cocktails or serves from £16.

For all guests, an accompanying passport-style world map, highlighting the various regions and offering insight into the myriad flavour profiles, will be part of the experience, with guests given the chance to stamp their visits to each of the regions – either all in one visit, or on multiple occasions.

The Johnnie Walker Grand Voyage at Oblix East starts from £16 for a single serve or cocktail and is available at all times whilst visiting Oblix East.

Three different Johnnie Walker Grand Voyage at Oblix East experiences can be booked in up to parties of ten, hosted by a Senior Bartender. Please note that 24 hours’ notice is required for booking.


  • Entry Experience: £35 inclusive of 1 bar bites and 1 Johnnie Walker cocktail or single serve per person, hosted by a Senior Bartender

  • Premium Experience: £60 and inclusive of 2 bar bite and 2 Johnnie Walker cocktail or single serves per person, hosted by a Senior Bartender

  • Lux Experience £100 and inclusive of a tasting of 4 Johnnie Walker cocktail orsingle serves and 3 bar bites per person, hosted by a Senior Bartender Oblix East, Level 32, The Shard, 31 St. Thomas Street, London SE1 9RY