Ramen restaurant, Shoryu Ramen is set to launch its anticipated curry menu at all locations on Tuesday 30th April.  

Rooted in the heart of Fukuoka city on the southern island of Kyushu, Japan, Shoryu specialises in Hakata tonkotsu ramen, featuring a thick, rich, white pork soup and thin, straight ramen noodles. Executive Chef Kanji Furukawa has seamlessly combined Shoryu’s standout ramen flavours with their new curry menu. 

Highlight dishes include the Shoryu Ganso Curry, priced at £13.95, a blend of Shoryu’s signature ramen toppings, reimagined in a delightful curry presentation. Featuring a combination of flavours, feast on succulent char siu BBQ pork belly, delicate nori, nitamago, naruto, Japanese pickles, and tender broccoli, covered in a rich special currysauce. 

For those craving a classic, the Chicken Katsu Curry, also priced at £13.95, offers a crispy twist with panko chicken breast served with white rice, accompanied by Japanese pickles and tender broccoli. And to heighten the experience, feel free to request complimentary extra spice for the curry sauce.  

Additional options include the rich flavours of Pumpkin Croquette Curry, pumpkin croquettes with tender broccoli and Japanese pickles served with white rice or, the Karaage Curry which offers a mixture of textures with soy-marinated Japanese fried chicken karaage, paired with Japanese accompaniments. Seafood enthusiasts can also delight in the Prawn and Cod Katsu options.  

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Shoryu Ramen locations: Liverpool Street, Covent Garden, Kensington, Shoreditch, Regent Street,  

Carnaby Street, Manchester, Oxford