I hate squirrels. Every year as my sweet corn start to ripen I can feel their tiny beady eyes watching me from the woods while I drape nets over the plants.

It does no good; they sneak down at night when I’m not there, lift the nets with their evil little hands and get to work. The next morning each corn is nibbled off, all the way round and I stand in one of those cinematic wide shots, head back, shouting ‘Noooooooo!’ to the heavens.

These are grey squirrels of course, the immigrants it’s okay to criticise. They sneaked over to the UK on boats and set about driving our native red squirrels into near extinction.

In fact if nothing is done then they could all be gone in ten years time.

So Eat Natural are trying to do something about it. They’re working with the Red Squirrel Survival Trust to try and stop the decline. Every pack of their new Eat Natural bars with peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts will help raise funds for the fight.

A donation of 5p from every bar and 15 from every 3 -bar pack will go straight to the RSST.

And you get some nut power in your morning coffee break.

Visit www.eatnatural.co.uk/redsquirrel to get some ‘squirrel gear’, see how to help and even watch a ‘red-squirrel cam’.

Now how do we start to eradicate the greys?