Malaysia Kitchen is a year-long campaign that aims to enlighten British consumers about the exciting opus of Malaysian cuisine. MATRADE (the agency behind Malaysia Kitchen) today announced that it has recruited chef and ‘King of Padstow’, Rick Stein to be their official ambassador…

In addition to this exciting appointment, Malaysia Kitchen looks set to be a highlight at this year’s gasto-Glastonbury, Taste of London, Regent’s Park (June 17th-20). Stein will officially open the Taste of Malaysia area where he will also hold live cookery demonstrations.

Following on from the success of his BBC TV Series, Far Eastern Odyssey, during which he discovered the joys of Malaysian cuisine, Stein’s support of Malaysia Kitchen is a natural progression.

Stein said that he was thrilled. ‘Malaysian food is one of the most fascinating and varied of the world’s cuisines, and is as yet relatively unknown here in the UK. I am very keen to share my enthusiasm for Malaysian cooking in all its diversity, and hope that I will help Malaysia Kitchen in their aim of educating and inspiring people here in UK to experience Malaysian cuisine themselves…’

Other attractions at Taste of Malaysia will include a tea lounge where guests can sample Malaysia’s many teas and watch the famous Teh Tarik or ‘pulled tea’ ceremony – where black Malaysian tea and condensed milk are poured back and forth repeatedly between two cups from a height, resulting in a thick frothy cap. A cocktail bar will see highly skilled ‘flairtenders’ serving up an assortment of concotions using Malaysia’s abundance of fruits.

With the appointment of Rick Stein as its ambassador, and high profile participation at one of the key events in London’s foodie calendar, the Malaysia Kitchen campaign is on course to achieve its goal of helping the British public wake up to the delights of Malaysian cuisine.

-Jom Makan!

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