Sam Smith from the diminutive Pressure Drop Brewery knows his beer – and he reckons real ale is the quickest route to romance this Valentine’s Day.

“Love is in the air, but there’s no need for cards, flowers, or chocolates. If you want to say it with beer, here are my recommendations.”

Little Creatures Pale Ale

“A classic pale ale from Little Creatures in Australia, this one makes the cut mainly for the iconic cherub on the label. But as a bonus, its a delicious beer.”

Widely available. For more information, visit

Brooklyn Chocolate Stout

“An unforgettable beer, rich and deep. This was the first beer developed for Brooklyn by their legendary Brewmaster, Garrett Oliver.”

Widely available, or order from For more information, visit

Deus Champagne Beer – Brut des Flandres

“A beer brewed with champagne yeast, this one will look the part and add some sparkle to your evening. You might even get away with calling it Champagne.”

Available from many branches of Waitrose. and from

Flying Dog –’Pearl Necklace’ Oyster Stout

“They say that Oysters are just the thing for a romantic evening, and this stout from the U.S. has real oysters in the brew … but don’t worry, you won’t taste seafood, just an added protein richness.”

Widely available, or order from

Magic Rock -‘Rapture’

“I may have recommended this one before, but given it’s beautiful ruby red colour, hoppy fragrance, and its romantic name, it has to be a winner for Valentine’s Day.”

Available from Utobeer in Borough Market, or direct from the brewery at

For more information on the Pressure Drop Brewery, follow @PressureDropBrw on Twitter.