Sabrina, foodepedia’s resident cookery writer, undertook the Come Dine With Me challenge last year and her appearance on this bitchy backbiting gorge-fest is being repeated on More4 this Sunday starting at 5.10pm.

So, foodepedia readers, if you would like to see Sabrina strut her stuff in preparing a ‘lavish Persian menu’, according to the Radio Times, you can do so this Sunday. As ever this culinary battle with four other contestants will, no doubt, have the usual balance of bitching, backbiting and snarling contestants behind the scenes whilst they are effusively courteous to their hosts at the table, all in the attempt to secure the £1000 prize for the host/hostess with the highest score, having been individually awarded points by their fellow contestants for their offering.

Why not settle down with a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine and see how Sabrina does in this contest, enjoying the events as they unfold before your eyes?