We all love a filthy burger and fries combo every now and then to stoke the fire in our gut and provide some fatty indulgence. Health concerns, however, often mean that we can’t indulge in such food as often as we’d like.

In an effort to address this problem, Burger King has just released a new type of fries which aims to satisfy customers whilst being significantly healthier. Satisfries are a new French fries offering that contains 30% less fat than in Burger King’s nearest competitor’s offering. Released in the USA in 2013 to positive response, Burger King now hope that the fries will take the UK by storm too.

Less fat is all well and good but is worth little if the product doesn’t taste good. Is this Satisfries’s weak link? We were invited to a special preview event and can report that the new fries hit the spot, being nicely golden and crispy and certainly on a par with what you’d normally expect. They’re crinkle cut to differentiate them from Burger King’s mere mortal standard fries.

Whilst we were there we were also offered a taste of Burger King’s Whopper burger and found it to be very pleasant, with perfectly fresh tomato and lettuce and a good patty that, we are told, is made from Aberdeen Angus beef. Not a bad show overall and interesting considering we hadn’t eaten fast food in a number of years.

Satisfries will be available individually or with a meal at a small supplement.