An apogee of alchemy hits the cocktail menu of one of London’s most architecturally-enticing eateries.

In the run up to Halloween, St Pancras-based Renaissance Hotel will include some heady potions inspired by the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book, The Philosopher’s Stone.

Within the well-placed neo-gothic arches of what was once the original ticket office here, guests can sample tinctures filled with trickery such as the whimsically entitled prohibition-inspired, Sazerac infused with N20, and will put a smile on the diners’ faces behind a cloud of smoke.

Grab a medicine bottle of wicked potions in the guise of Camouflage Coupette, a tonic of gin, Cointreau, absinthe and lemon juice: this mysterious libation turns colour before your very eyes.

Of course, if music is the food of love, then the illicit trysts must come in the form of this: the Elixir of Love; a sharing cauldron of amaretto, Chambord, vodka and lemon juice. This drink is designed to emit aromas of essential oils unique to the guests’ preferred taste. Follow this by a full course of cocktails by sampling the after dinner mint-inspired Minty Toad For The Road, a wizardly take on the after dinner mint, infuses a hit of peppermint liqueur inside a rich dark chocolate frog.

Witches and wizards-in-training are not forgotten with the range of mocktails on offer. The Lemon Bomb, fiery in both taste and sight and will enchant children, whilst the Butterscotch Brew, a tankard brimming with salted caramel, butterscotch and bubbles, is the perfect concoction for the sweet-toothed. All children with poor behaviour will be turned into frogs.

The hotel’s location itself is one of wonderment. Perched close to platform 9 (and three quarters) and the home of The Hogwarts Express, and close to The British Library, it is ideal for little Potter fans, especially as the History of Magic exhibition is close to hand.

The Elixirs and Potions cocktail menu will be available from Monday 9th October at The Booking Office at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London.

Prices from £5 – £14, open from until midnight on Mon-Wed and 1am on Thurs-Sat.