Eagle Bar Diner is set to be the first gourmet style burger restaurant in London to serve an organic veal burger on their menu. The ‘British Organic Veal Burger’ will offer consumers the opportunity to sample the gourmet meat at both an affordable and ethical price. Produced from the award winning Helen Browning Organics farm in Wiltshire, the burger is 100% British Rosé Veal, and will be available from January 12th 2009.

Although Veal has been a controversial choice in the past, the reformed farming methods and campaigns supported by a number of high profile celebrity chefs and journalists, have contributed to the increase in demand for British-reared Veal. With the additional backing of animal welfare groups and the National Farmers Union; British Veal is farmed legitimately in the most compassionate way possible to produce a tender, mature meat; pink in colour, aged for flavour and an excellent texture.

The growing popularity of British Veal will help to save the dairy calves from the inhumane export trade. Without a market for veal in the UK, bull calves are either killed at birth or exported to Europe to be reared, often under appalling conditions, to produce the typically white meat of an animal which has not eaten grass.

Eagle Bar Diner is famous for its delicious handmade burgers, and believes that British Veal is the perfect addition to the menu with its distinctive, delicate flavour and should become a staple in British restaurants once more. The burger will be served in the traditional Eagle Bar Diner style; completely natural, flamed grilled with no additives.