wagamama today launches wok from home – a simple home cookery guide to help nourish the nation during the coronavirus.

mcith_waga.jpgSince the lockdown and tightened restrictions to combat COVID-19 the nation has looked to home cooking for family meals.

And after just a week without the nation’s favourite katsu curry, yaki soba, vegan and ramen dishes we are looking for new ways to help satisfy these cravings.

So, wagamama has launched wok from home, free online pan asian cookery lessons presented by wagamama’s executive chef, Steve Mangleshot.

The first official video will go live next Wednesday and Friday with all videos hosted on Facebook, Instagram, IGTV and on YouTube.

Steve, who has been with the restaurant for over twenty years, will take all the wannabe chefs through the basics of wagamama’s dishes.

From classic favourites such as katsu curry, bang bang cauliflower, ramens to more complicated dishes, Steve will teach us all how to cook well using simple ingredients for great home cooked food for family and friends.

The first episode of wok from home will introduce Steve in his home kitchen where he lives with his wife and family. He has a normal home kitchen but he will demonstrate how with a few easy skills and tricks of the trade we can all learn how to be budding wagamama chefs.

The free wok from home series can be seen regularly on Wednesdays (Waga Wednesdays) where Steve will launch a recipe video and Fridays where Steve will launch a store cupboard cooking challenge which will see him making new dishes with few ingredients.


6pm next Wednesday April 8 
instagram – @wagamama_uk

facebook – @wagamama 

youtube – @wagamamauk)

This Sunday Steve will tell people whats going to happen and what he’s going to cook so people can buy ingredients.

The first episode will start off with everyone’s favourite…katsu curry.

The following episodes will cover a whole host of recipes from yaki soba to wok fried greens.

Recipes include:

Chicken Katsu

Yaki Soba

Cha Han

Firecracker & Wok Fried Greens