This October, Yamagoya, the masters of traditional Japanese ramen, will open their first permanent site in the capital, following a successful residency on Shaftsbury Avenue.

The signature ramen menu will include their’Yamagoya’, handmade noodles immersed in a smoky tonkotsu broth, garnished with traditionally prepared Japanese Chashu pork belly, marinated bamboo shoot, Kikurake mushroom, nori and marinated Burford Brown egg (£9.50); to sit alongside the’Tobanjan’, a fiery tobanjan spiced broth known to locals as’the fire of food’, finished with chilli pepper (£9.00).

The’Yuzukara’ ramen, the uniquely green tonkotsu broth, will also be layered with sliced chashu pork and topped with a salty, spicy paste made from the zest of Japanese yuzu and fiery green chillies (£9.90). Cold varieties of’Hiyashi Chuka’ ramen cooked in cold water, will also be available with either smoked chashu, chicken or tofu, all served with marinated Burford Brown egg and garnished with fresh, seasonal vegetables.

A host of toppings are available for all hot and cold ramens, including glazed chashu of pork; seared chicken; kimchi; umami nori sheets and a pickled mustard Takana.

The snacks feature Hijiki Seaweed and Edamame Salad (£1.75); Cold tofu dressed in a cold fish and spring onion dressing (£2.50); Chicken Karaage with Yuzu Mayo (£3.50), as well as an array of new rice dishes such as’Charishi’, a colourful sushi bowl packed full with salmon and avocado and’Mentaiko Gohan’, spicy cod roe rice bowl.

For any diners looking for a quick take-away bite, Yamagoya’s Japanese sandwiches will include fillings of Chicken Katsu (£5.00) or Chicken Chashu (£5.00).

The raindrop cake, which debuted in London for the first time at Yamagoya earlier this year, will be a permanent feature on the menu with an option to be infused with matcha. Made in the shape of a water droplet, the completely clear dessert is a challenge to the senses, melting into liquid form once in the mouth.

Japanese flavoured ice creams also feature on the dessert menu with Matcha Mochi, Black Sesame Mochi and Green Tea. Fridges will be stocked with Pokka Melon Tea, Aloe Vera drink, Iced Green Tea and Sparkling Yuzu Juice while a selection of house wines, beers and Shochikubai Gokai Nama Sake are available for guests dining in.

Located on The Cut, the interior deploys an air of simplicity with a distinctive stripped back feel and Shoji wood paneling throughout, reminiscent of Ogata’s original ramen shop in Fukuoka. Natural light will flood through the huge windowed frontage with low hanging, woven bamboo fittings illuminating the store by night. Natural pine stools will be tucked beneath simple wooden tables to welcome smaller parties and individual diners. Open from midday, guests will order from the back counter, operating with a quick-style service.

Yamagoya will open on the Cut on Monday 9th October, available to eat in, takeaway or deliver

64 The Cut, London, SE1 8LZ

No reservations

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun: 11.30am – 10.30pm