Bombay Brasserie, one of the world’s most iconic restaurants, reopened on 5th January 2009 after an extensive refurbishment programme. The result is a new interior that retains the charm of the original whilst still being chic and contemporary. Meanwhile a new menu, specially created by one of the sub-continent’s finest culinary talents, showcases gourmet fare from across the length and breadth of India.

Arriving on the London scene back in 1982, Bombay Brasserie ushered in a new era, instantly banishing the images of flock wallpaper and ‘one sauce fits all’ that had hitherto characterised Indian restaurants. The groundbreaking menu, with its wide range of culinary influences, pioneered Indian regional cooking not only in Britain, but in the world.

Charged with giving Bombay Brasserie its radical new look was Chhada Siembieda & Associates. One of the world’s most reputable and most lauded interior design and hospitality development firms, they have stayed faithful to the Bombay Colonial era but given it a chic and contemporary twist.

Bombay Brasserie is now larger and airier than before. The conservatory area has been transformed while an open show kitchen with counter seating now takes pride of place in the middle of the area. From here diners can experience at first hand the skill of the Bombay Brasserie’s culinary team as they toss the vegetables, grill the meats and add the spices and flavourings.

With regards to the culinary offering, the restaurant’s new menu has been overseen by Hemant Oberoi. Corporate Chef for the Taj Group of Hotels, Chef Oberoi has had kings and queens, Hollywood stars, heads-of-state and society’s cream all eating out of his hands. He has accompanied top dignitaries in the capacity of personal chef, and been part of many extremely high-profile international events and promotions.

Widely credited with pioneering the trend of alternative Indian cuisine, Hemant has drawn on his vast experience and creativity to create a new menu that blends tradition and authenticity with modern methods of cooking. The signature treats include Lamb Kebabs on Sugarcane Candies and Paperwali Machchi fish fillets drizzled with freshly ground peppercorns enveloped in parchment paper, char grilled in an open pit and served wrapped in a Bombay Brasserie newspaper.

Chef Oberoi partners his exotic creations with classical favourites and long-hidden recipes gleaned from old farming communities and families. The result is a menu that is a rich accumulation of Indian recipes evolved to a modern art form

Not everything has changed at Bombay Brasserie however. Regulars will be delighted to hear that the restaurant’s perennially popular Sunday brunch buffet offering remains unchanged.

Washing down the food is a new selection of wines that have been hand-selected by the Taj Group’s Master Sommelier, Richard Dean.

Says Arun Harnal, Director of Operations for Bombay Brasserie: ‘We are delighted to reopen our doors and present these exciting changes. We are confident that what we have achieved will please our regulars and new visitors alike and mark the start of another 25 glorious years.’