Lupo, the wolf and surrogate mother to Romulus and Remus, is the symbolic mother of ancient Rome and Italy and new restaurant Bocca di Lupo, the mouth of Italy, will showcase regional Italian cuisines evocative of their terroir and history.

This is the first solo venture from chef Jacob Kenedy and his partner, general manager Victor Hugo. Jacob was previously head chef at Moro before moving to Boulevard in San Francisco and more recently he set up Konstam with Oliver Rowe. Bocca di Lupo will focus on being a stylish and simple concept in food, design and service to create a sophisticated yet informal atmosphere of understated elegance.

Jacob’s enthusiasm for and knowledge of Italian cooking stems from extended periods of time travelling around Italy and researching its regions and cuisine.The a la carte menu will be structured so that most dishes are available in both small and large portions, as opposed to the conventional segregation of starters and mains.

Reservations can be made on 020 7734 2223 or at [email protected]. Bocca di Lupo is located at 12 Archer Street, off Rupert Street, London W1D 7BB. The website is