Restaurant Reviews from June 2009

June 2009 Restaurant Reviews Archive from Foodepedia

  • Seasonings

    Tuesday June 30th, 2009

    Take a short walk from the Earls Court Exhibition Centre and you are spoilt for culinary choice.  However, Seasoning Restaurant & Lounge stands out with its clean and simple decor of funky perspex chairs, white walls and contemporary Indian music.

  • ‘40:30’

    Friday June 26th, 2009

    Expecting ‘Pea’ and mint soup, my father looked startled when he received almost bare crockery (albeit by Thomas Keller). He soon relaxed when this was flooded at table with chilled, softly textured liquid that captured the verdant spirit of an English garden. It came with a crusted tuille of polenta and fresh, yielding Parmesan custard, served separately. Inspired and invigorating

  • Keelung

    Sunday June 21st, 2009

    So fresh is the fish, displayed in crates just inside the door, that the sea bass and mullet stare at you with accusing bright eyes, the crabs blow bubbles and neighbouring lobsters thoughtfully flex their claws against the restraining rubber bands.

  • Franco Manca

    Sunday June 21st, 2009

    Noisily chatting in a great many accents, the long queue of hungry customers snaked towards a funk of odours. Amidst the scaly perfume of a fish counter beached in sunshine.They came for this: the cosy, welcoming, tempting aromas of sourdough momentarily torched at 500 degrees…

  • Little Bay, Croydon

    Saturday June 20th, 2009

    The thing you have to say about Little Bay is that their food is very good indeed, surprisingly good, remarkably good and, what’s more, it’s bloody cheap. You also have to say that the restaurants themselves are rather odd.

  • Chapters All Day DIning

    Friday June 19th, 2009

    Not Chapter2 anymore but Chapters. All day dining, even at breakfast. Can Blackheath cope with a new style for its old favourite? We take a book, we mean look.

  • Nar Restaurant and Bar

    Monday June 15th, 2009

    This new establishment has a menu offering choices of authentic Turkish and Italian cuisines, not some kind of fusion idea, the dishes are distinct and separately listed on the menu. Nar certainly is offering something a little different, delivering great food, it is well worth the trip to Vauxhall to sample it.

  • Morgan M

    Sunday June 14th, 2009

    Spring is still in the air at Morgan M, the fine dining restaurant in Islington and the eponymous Monsieur M  has generously invited us round to sample the Spring Menu, just as it is about to end. It has to be done at lunch though; the restaurant is far too popular with the well-heeled locals to be able to sacrifice an otherwise productive table in the evening.

  • No. 20 at Sanctum Soho Hotel

    Sunday June 14th, 2009

    Past 3D cameras and an increasingly famous commissionaire, ‘No. 20’ is the restaurant at Soho’s ‘Sanctum’ Hotel. This is London’s answer to Paris’ boutique ‘den of opulence’, the Hôtel Costes. Chic and shiny, dining room details include crocodile-skin chairs (not crocodilette), taut, bronzed banquettes, glass sheathed pillars and positive photo panels by the MOD’s official artist, Xavier Pick.

  • Tate St. Ives Cafe

    Saturday June 13th, 2009

    Many art galleries have their cafes tucked down in a basement but the architects of the Tate building, which was opened to great acclaim in 1993, have given over their most prestigious level, the top floor, to the all-important purpose of visitor sustenance with The Café priding itself on sourcing its ingredients from Cornish growers and suppliers.

  • Harrison's Restaurant

    Monday June 8th, 2009

    With a set menu at £14 for two courses, and just £17 for three, that looked really very tempting and excellent value Harrison’s goes up against a restaurant group like Locale (also in Balham) and wins by classy mains cooking and a far more central, buzzy, location.

  • China Tang

    Saturday June 6th, 2009

    Five months after the actual event, I was being treated to a birthday dinner at The Dorchester’s Cantonese, ‘China Tang’ which takes its name from Sir David Tang, clothes designer, gold-miner and cigar aficionado – Cuba’s Honorary Consul no less.

  • Tapas at The Gore

    Thursday June 4th, 2009

    ‘The whole area was an orchard before 1892,’ says co-owner Edward Bracken, thoughtfully spearing a warm garlicky olive, part of a large spread of tapas he’s had set out in front of us. ‘It once served as the Turkish Embassy, but otherwise was a hotel almost from the start almost a hundred years ago. As a hotel it was originally run by two descendants of Captain Cook!’ Such links to the past seem to come naturally to this unique place.

  • The Griffin- Fletching

    Monday June 1st, 2009

    They apparently used to make arrows in Fletching – the fletch being the bit with the ‘wings’ on. Arrows used by the English at Agincourt were made here and anyone who has seen Olivier’s Henry V will recall that those arrows pretty much saved the day. Is a meal here going to save my day though?