If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced wine to go with your Christmas turkey or gourmet goose, Brown Brothers, an Australian wine-maker, has three wines on their list of house label favourites that might be just what you are looking for.

To start off your party, try Brown Brothers Dry Muscat, an apéritif with a fruit driven, floral aroma that goes well with spicy prawns or party canapés. After the appetisers, sit down with a chilled cherry-red Tarrango to complement a main course of turkey or poultry. Tarrango has a light, dry finish and spicy, berry flavour that balances poultry flavours and zingy cranberry sauce. But be sure to tell your guests to save some space for pudding and a glass of Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora to finish off the meal. The orange and citrus aromas and zesty undertones would also go well with homemade mince pies and Chantilly Cream or a chocolate Yule log. Visit the on-line food and wine matching adviser at www.brownbrothers.com.au