One of the world’s most sustainably produced wines it pays tribute to the Ancient Greek Earth Goddess, Gaia who features on the label .

Gaia has been an inspiration from the very beginnings of Domaine Bousquet, a winery that’s been a pioneer of organic viticulture in Argentina since its inception and has been certified organic since 2001.

Domaine Bousquet is a founder member of the UK-based Sustainable Wine Roundtable, and recently became the first winery outside of the US to earn Regenerative Organic Certified status – one of only four wineries world-wide to have this status. It was certified B Corp status at the end of 2022.

A very dark wine, holding the bottle up to the sun no light gets through, this density is reflected in the taste which is on the full-bodied side of medium to full-bodied. You get a very spicy, attractive, aroma, once the wine has been opened a while, and there are some serious smooth and rounded tannins tucked away in there as well as deep notes of blackcurrant and black cherry. Liquorice lingers on the tongue.

If you’re still a meat eater, while favouring organic wines, I’d do as we did and get yourself a duck breast and cook it perfectly rare. We used the marvellous Ninja to get the right result, and this Malbec really made the duck fly.

 100% organic
 100% vegan
 Biodiversity in the vineyards
 Fauna (foxes, rabbits and endangered species) are encouraged with vineyard water stations to enhance diversity
 Ducks at the winery pond balances vegetative growth
 A small flock of sheep was recently introduced to keep the weeds down & for natural fertiliser
 Peregrine falcons scare off grape-eating birds, instead of using pesticides
 Pioneering biofilter system to conserve water: at trial stage
 Lightweight bottles to reduce carbon footprint
 Local economy support; infrastructure; education; career

The grapes for Gaia Malbec are 100% estate grown and sourced from the high altitude Gualtallary Valley in
Tupungato, a sub-region of Mendoza’s Uco Valley. The fruit is harvested by hand and the wine aged in French
oak for 10 months.

Gaia Malbec 2020 is available from Waitrose at £16.99.

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