It’s special offer time! We’re working with the good folks at Pact to bring you not just a bag of coffee, but the means to brew it – all for a low low price.

Pact? What’s that then?

I’m glad you asked. Pact are a subscription coffee service, who will send bags of freshly roasted and ground coffee straight to your door. Simple! Really really simple. All the details are on their website, so go and have a read.

Pact’s coffee is a lighter roast than the industry average. That line is copied-and-pasted straight from the press release; but, it’s an important distinction, as we found in the office when our attempts to burn the stuff beyond belief resulted in a less than perfect cup.

It turns out – as we’ve mentioned before – it’s useful to know what you’re doing when it comes to brewing a coffee (see where we’re going with this?).

A V60. What’s that then?

With a name that suggests a model of Japanese sportscar or a jet aircraft, you’d be forgiven for dismissing the V60 on account of it’s high level of technological complexity. No-one needs that level of tech in their morning cup, surely?

That couldn’t be further from the truth. The V60 is a plastic cone with a hole in the bottom. It sits above a mug, holds a filter paper and allows coffee to infuse with hot water and slowly drip through into your cup. The result is a smooth drink, stripped of intense bitterness and imparted with the sweeter coffee flavours that Pact prides itself on providing.

If you want to learn more, have a look at this guide to pour over brewing.

A special offer? What’s that then?

Well, the good folks of Pact are offering up a V60 and a bag of their coffee, delivered to your door, all for the price of £6.95.

That’s a £10 V60 and a £6.95 bag of coffee, all for only £6.95!

And to retrieve this offer, all you have to do is visit their website, sign-up and enter this code: foodepediav60

So, what are you still doing here?!