Ah, the Kings Road – land of the pretty people and pampered pets. This is an area of London best enjoyed during the summer months when you can unwind in comfortable surroundings and feel jolly good about your life. One place to do just that is at the Bluebird café and restaurant. Following last years’ success, the Bluebird restaurant is hosting another summer long programme of film screenings sponsored by Smirnoff Black® Vodka, with this years’ theme being The Modern Gentleman.

I should come clean at this stage and admit that I have never eaten at the Bluebird restaurant. I could never quite make it past the shops, unfortunately. However, after having had the pleasure of attending the first of this season’s film screenings, I realise I have been missing out on the very essence of the Kings Road experience. Inside you probably won’t find any pampered pets but there are plenty of pretty people. I was instantly wowed by the stylish décor as I entered the restaurant on the first floor. Whilst the concept of partnering a film with a meal is not new it’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it as they say and it’s very clear that those at the Bluebird have discovered the right way to do it. Throughout the evening the feeling of ‘This is The Life’ was ever prevalent as style and comfort oozed from every corner. In fact, quite literally as in one corner gentlemen could have their hair styled by the specially set up barbers. This was a clever touch in keeping with the Modern Gentlemen theme.

As I eased myself into a leather armchair by the window overlooking the Kings Road, I took in the sense of space and watched the slick staff clad in a stylish black and white uniforms attend to the clientele. In the bar area, there were ample comfortable armchairs and sofas to relax into whilst enjoying your cocktail. An accompanying programme of Smirnoff Black ® Vodka induced cocktails has been created with the Modern Gentleman film theme in mind. The Secret Agent (inspired by Mission Impossible) with pressed apple juice and passion fruit is suitable for lightweights, like me, who prefer sweeter cocktails with a simple dash of alcohol. The Vesper Lynd (inspired by Casino Royale), which comes with gin, Lillet Blanc and Angostura bitters as well as the vodka is for those who prefer to be stunned by their drink; definitely not for the faint-hearted. By the way, all cocktails come shaken, not stirred.

It neared 9 o’clock, time to adjourn to the intimate screening room for the evening’s choice of classy film. The seating was suitably comfortable and there were even sofas at the back. Ice-cream was offered around which served to evoke that feeling of an old fashioned evening out at the flicks, for those of you old enough to remember those days… This seemingly small detail impressed upon me a well thought out programme.

At £25 a head for a meal, a Smirnoff Black® cocktail, a main course, ice cream and a movie, all against the backdrop of luxury, this is not going to break the bank. The only thing missing after such indulgence was the absence of the chauffeur driven car to take me home. Perhaps a detail that can be considered for next year.