We all like a bit of cake it’s true but what a guilty pleasure. A moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips my dear and don’t even mention the sugar!

But taste buds gonna crave, as Taylor Swift might say, so what are you gonna do? Well this book could be your sweet salvation.

Each recipe contains no gluten, sugar, dairy products, additives or animal fats. They are 100% vegan and no heat has been applied. But how can this sorcery be, you ask while pulling a Richard Ayoade face. Well read on.

You do need some gadgets; Richard would be pleased to know. You probably have a blender, processor, coffee grinder, and grater but may need to shop for the ice maker and the dehydrator. They aren’t absolutely necessary though.

Ingredients are possibly a bit trickier. Coconut oil is easy, cocoa butter not so hard. Raw cocoa a bit trickier and Lucuma powder and Lecithin granules a bit specialised. But of course Google is your friend and the postman your enemy. The back of the book has lists of suppliers and their websites

Setting of cakes is done by freezing, so it may be time to throw out some of the really old peas and other things you’ve been hoarding for years to make room. After all n times of trouble cake will get you through better than vegetables.

And damn the cakes look good. Chocolate Cream Cake with Strawberry Mousse, White Chocolate Cheesecake with Raspberries, Blueberry tartlets, Kiwi lime pies, Caramel cake with coconut sprinkles. And then there are the cupcakes

With so much raw fruit and nuts, these cakes and desserts are powerhouses of health and, in many cases, far easier to make than traditional cakes, so it’s a win win all round.


Caroline Fibaek is a lecturer and the author of two bestselling raw books. She has appeared regularly on television programmes such as on Good Morning Denmark and is often featured on the health pages of magazines. She is a qualified Naturopath in Biological Medicine and has trained in anatomy, physiology and pathology, alternative pathology, and psychology. She also works as a consultant for raw food restaurants and cafes as well as lecturing, running workshops and recipe development.