Delhi Regional Menu at Salaam Namaste

It’s been almost a year since I visited the chaotic, crazy, captivating Indian capital and I’m feeling nostalgic. Especially since the Grande Dame of Indian home cooking, Madhur Jaffrey, has just made a rare London appearance at the South Indian Literary Festival, and I wasn’t there to see her. Madhur’s autobiography,’Climbing The Mango Tree??’ is full of delectable Delhi reminiscences- home-style chicken stews, the most artisan of breads, and the snack-y treats so beloved of the diverse people of the city that never stops.

Floripa London Restaurant

Floripa is more of a revamp than a complete about-turn – there’s the same huge indoor area with a long bar and ample space for dancing and a stage, but Floripa is shouting louder about its food: there is a snug for diners in the far corner as well as tables on the paved area outside.

Sartoria: elegant dining on Saville Row

Located on Saville Row, hence the not quite pun of a name, Sartoria offers regional Italian cuisine. Whilst the Row is no longer the sartorial empire it once was, with the number of tailors on the decline, it still retains its air of traditionalism, a place that hasn’t quite moved with the times. Sartoria seems have to escaped this trap, although the restaurant is obviously tailored to the Mayfair set.