Play misty for me

The Cooking Mist is from the new Lurpak Cook’s Range we’ve been experimenting with for the past few weeks. We’ve already enjoyed trying the Clarified Butter and Cooking Liquid and found them worthy products, the mist we were however initially but unnecessarily a bit suspicious of.

Boldly going with Lurpak Baking Butter

Lurpak has of course always been a first choice with bakers, its colour makes the results creamy looking and it has no salt. I lobbed the required amount into the mixer along with all the other ingredients for a Lemon Drizzle Cake from Mary Berry.

Lurpak Cooking Liquid

This Cooking Liquid is perfectly balanced. It comes in a squeezy bottle that fits nicely into the fridge door, simply aim at your pan and fire. It makes a noise that sends small children into fits of giggles and creates a puddle in the pan that makes adults snigger

Champagne school at Flute Bar and Lounge

Masterclasses are much less about learning than an excuse to do something different and entertaining with friends or partners. They add an extra dimension to the day. They can also improve your dinner party chat, as Joanna Biddolph discovered at a Flûte Bar & Lounge tutored champagne and smoked salmon tasting.