Bar 92 offers Foodepedia a glimpse of what their patrons are going to be enjoying come 12:00 on the 31 December. And for those less keen to brave the cold, recipes to recreate. Glasses at the ready.

Spiced Apple Martini

40ml Zubrowka Vodka
20ml Giffard Monzana Verde
5ml Goldshalger
1 Lime
25ml Apple juice
Method Shake all together
Garnish Apple fan
Glass Zig Zag Martinin glass

Passion fruit

25ml vodka
25ml passionfruit vodka
20ml passionfrut puree
1 passionfruit
10ml passoa
5ml limejuice
15ml sugar syrup
Method Put all ingredients in shaker and shake hard to get nice froth, double strain in martini glass.
Garnish slice of passionfruit floatingGlass Zig Zag Martini glass

Ginger Prince

50ml Absolute Blue Vodka10ml Lime juice
Top up with ginger beer
Method Muddle ginger and blackberries together, add rest of the ingredients (except ginger beer), shake well, double strain into tall glass filled with cube ice and top up with ginger beer
Garnish Blackberries
Glass Highball

Ginger and Thyme Sour

50ml Absolute Blue Vodka
25ml Lime
20ml Sugar
1 egg white
Method muddle ginger and thyme then add rest of ingredients including the egg white, shake well , double strain
Garnish Thyme sprig, glass with crushed ice