When pairing up with hearty roasts and the mushroom and game character of the season, you can do no better than to explore among the Pinot Noirs. Good value can be found on the New World shelves for under £10 and a wide variety of styles are produced in Chile, California and New Zealand.

Cono Sur, the Chilean winery with good eco credentials produces a range of Pinot Noir wines and has, with the help of Chef and author of ‘The Allotment Chef’ Paul Merrett, investigated the relationship between varietal wines and seasonal food.

The ‘Reserva’ is a step up from the standard Pinot Noir, the extra quality is revealed on the nose with the sweet promise of big berry fruits and the earthy undertones provided by four months of barrel ageing. On the palate the pronounced fresh sawn oak draws the distinct cherry and raspberry notes along its refined tannins to the brighter end of their taste spectrum. A lingering, warm spice finish is delivered with a clout from the hefty 14% of alcohol.

Other Pinot Noirs may be lighter bodied and less oaky so it’s a matter of looking around for a style that suits you best as the darker evenings re-invigorate activity in your autumn kitchen.

You can buy Cono Sur Pinot Noir Reserva at Waitrose (New), Tesco /One Stop, Tesco.com – £8.99