Come fall in love with Moti Mahal’s Golden Kiss Cocktail. On 13 and 14 February 2009, Moti Mahal, the chic Indian restaurant located in the heart of Covent Garden, will be offering the deliciously romantic cocktail. The cocktail is a floating vision of romance, as it will turn guests’ lips gold after sipping. The Golden Kiss Cocktail, priced at £9 each, is an innovative love birds special. It will combine Rémi Martin Coeur de Cognac, Chambord and rose syrup, shaken with fresh cranberry juice, lemon juice and gold flakes, and garnished with rose petals and golden passion fruit caviar pearls.

Golden Kiss Cocktail


50ml Rémi Martin Coeur de Cognac
10ml Chambord
10ml Rose Syrup
5ml Lemon Juice
Top with Fresh Cranberry Juice
Rose Petals
Golden Passion Fruit Caviar Pearls
Gold Flakes


Mix the Rémi Martin Coeur de Cognac with Chambord and Rose Syrup
Shake with Fresh Cranberry Juice, Lemon Juice and Gold Flakes
Garnish with Rose Petals
Finish with Golden Passion Fruit Caviar Pearls
Serve in a Long Martini Glass

The Golden Kiss Cocktail can be enjoyed in Moti Mahal’s intimate bar, or as a pre or post dinner drink in the restaurant.