Set to rival ‘you know who’ in the market, this smooth blend of finest Irish whiskey, rich cream and luscious chocolate is ready to really mix it up.

A new departure for the venerable Irish whisky maker, this creamy drink is bottled at a mild  17% ABV and has a delicate spiced finish, making it ideal chilled on its own, in coffee and hot chocolate, or as a dessert ingredient.

Try these rich cocktails with Samuel Gelston’s Irish Cream Liqueur available from selected Tesco stores across Northern Ireland and The Drop Store RRP £14. The wider range is also available in Booths, Waitrose and specialist whisky retailers, and also online via

The Belfast Shake

50ml Samuel Gelston’s Cream Liqueur
60ml almond milk
10ml Orgeat/almond syrup
1 scoop of vanilla ice cream
1 scoop of ice

Garnish: grated dark chocolate & chopped hazlenuts

Glass: hurricane

● Blend all the ingredients
● Pour carefully into the hurricane glass
● Garnish with some grated dark chocolate

The Irish Meadow

30ml Samuel Gelston’s Cream Liqueur
30ml Crème de Menthe Verde (such as Briotette)
10ml Crème de Cacao
20ml half/half

Garnish: mint Leaf & cubed ice

Glassware: coupe

● Add all ingredients to a cocktail maker
● Shake and Strain into glass with ice
● Garnish with a mint leaf

Coffee & Cream

30ml Samuel Gelston’s Cream Liqueur
30ml vanilla vodka
40ml expresso
10ml caramel syrup

Garnish: coffee beans on foam

Glass: Coupe

● Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker
● Shake without ice, add ice then shake again and strain into a coupe glass
● The cocktail should have a layer of foam on top, garnish this with a few coffee beans

Benbane Cup

30ml Samuel Gelston’s Cream Liqueur
30ml vodka
20ml cream
20ml coffee liqueur

No garnish

Glassware: rocks

● Pour all the ingredients into a glass over ice
● Stir as desired and top up with extra ice