Have you noticed the sudden changes in small appliances lately? DIY seamstresses can purchase a machine that draws and cuts out every pattern or shape they can think of. And who needs to learn calligraphy when every font imaginable can be printed out in two seconds. So why grind coffee beans or stand over hot steam to make a cappuccino? With the new Bosch improvements to the Tassimo machine, hobbiest baristas can join the second wave of computerised appliances. A small TDISC full of flavouring and the push of a button create a perfectly measured coffee-shop drink in the time it takes to boot up the on-line morning paper. No mess, no grounds and no waiting. Just pure pleasure, one cup at a time.

The same machine that makes an intense espresso and freshly brewed ground coffee also makes an authentic cappuccino, hot chocolate, and tea. This year Tassimo is adding three new TDISCs to its range of flavours: Milka Hot Chocolate has a tender MILKA chocolate taste and a smooth velvety chocolate layer on top. Starbucks House Blend® lets you drink the Starbucks coffee you adore without taking off your slippers. And Kenco Columbian is sure to become a morning favourite. These clever capsules are controlled by a unique barcode that allows the Tassimo machine technology to identify the TDISC and create the perfect drink every time.

The latest Bosch Tassimo machine includes many new features: You can dial up the height of the drink stand to fit your cup, or remove the stand so your travel mug will fit under the spout. It’s also whisper quiet. Gone is the rather loud and jarring pumping and brewing you heard in the older model. LED controls let you watch your machine in action, providing second by second updates during the one minute it takes to get your drink made. This personal barista costs only £99.99. Choose from red, silver and black. Visit online at www.tassimo.co.uk