Do you start your day with coffee? Have some at 11a.m? Another cup in the afternoon? If you’re making it yourself you probably use the same blend all day long, assuming you’re using ‘real’ coffee and not instant.

Different times of day call for different blends though. The eye-opener at is a bit strong mid-morning and post supper something different again is required.

With ecoffee you get a choice and the chance to feel morally comfortable too. The ‘e’ in ecoffee doesn’t mean it’s delivered via the interweb but stands for environmentally conscious. The coffee is grown on bio-diverse farms under the rain forest canopy and the coffee plants grow amongst trees and other foliage so that they are a natural part of the eco-system.

This together with natural pest control and fertilisation means no environmental impact on the soil and water around.

All very laudable but what does ecoffee taste like?

We tried the Big and Bold and it lived up to its name. Just cracking the packet open had noses twitching two floors away and ‘is someone making coffee?’ floated plaintively up the stairs. It measures 6.5 on the ecoffee strength scale and certainly gave a serious buzz while delivering a rich strong flavour that had a lot of almost mocha depth.

Bright and Lively was much more suited to being a breakfast coffee. Unless you’re a City banker you don’t really need to leap out the house at dawn chattering wildly and ready to make dangerous, caffeine-fuelled gambles with other people’s money. A nice mood move from bed mode to work mode is needed and Bright and Lovely does that nicely.

In the middle is Smooth and Rounded, which does pretty much what it says on the biodegradable packet. 3.7 on the coffee Richter scale and a pleasant coffee to have at any time of day.

You can buy ecoffee direct online and there’s free postage on all orders. Price wise it’s not dirt cheap, but it may be helping save the earth.