Giorgio Locatelli has a new range of Italian foods coming out under the name Locadeli. Isn’t that great? I mean call me a silly old copywriter, and I most certainly am, but that makes me smile and wish I’d thought of it. Seems obvious now, but I bet they went through a lot of rubbish names before someone had that Eureka moment.

They sent us a bottle of his olive oll round, two Italians on a bike. Possibly even waiters from the big man’s Michelin starred restaurant. It made the girls here sit up and take notice that’s for sure.

The oil comes in one of those sloping shouldered bottles that always raise expectations and the label is in Italian and rather designery. Apparently you can only buy it in Selfridges, which seems appropriately exclusive, and its £17 for 500ml. A nice stocking filler and even the right shape too.

What’s it like? Well we did the slurp off the palm of the hand trick, as recommended by olive oil connoisseurs, and then looked around helplessly for tissue paper. Then we tried again.

It comes from Cammarata, Sicily and is a blend of Nocellara and Biancolilla olives harvested early to keep the oil fragrant, light and fruity. It’s a sumptuous green in colour and smells rather mulchy in a good way as a result, no doubt, of traditional extraction immediately after picking followed by cold filtering. I mean I’m guessing here, but that’s the way most quality producers I’ve met tell me they do it.

It has grassy notes on the tongue too and a little spiciness and catches the back of the throat rather, as good olive oils often tend to do.

I would definitely dunk my focaccia in it as well as drizzle it on my salads. It’s probably too good to fry with and extra virgin is generally unsuitable anyway, but I often use it to coat spuds for roasting as it works well.

Yes Santa can bring me some more of these if he wants