As part of celebrations to mark 50 years since Singapore Airlines first flew from the UK, Singapore Airlines and Feast Box have partnered to create a culinary adventure.

Food has always been a key element of the Singapore Airlines on-board experience. The airline was the first to offer a choice of meals in economy in the 1970s.

Later they introduced the International Culinary Panel (ICP) in 1998, composed of some of the world’s most renowned Michelin starred chefs, thus demonstrating the airline’s commitment to innovative and high quality meals in the air.

As part of celebrations to mark 50 years since Singapore Airlines first flew from the UK, Singapore Airlines and Feast Box have partnered to create twelve iconic meals in the comfort of your own kitchen on the ground.

Many years ago, I was actually taken by Singapore Airlines to see their kitchen at Singapore Airport. It was a revelation, for example the Business Class meals are actually cooked by hand individually before being blast-frozen for the planes in time for take off. And even economy meals were prepared with incredible care.

They even tested the wines and the meals in a pressurised room to make sure they tasted as they should when served at 40,000 feet.

Available until 04 July, each week customers can order specially curated dishes inspired by Singapore Airlines and some of its most popular Southeast Asian destinations. In total, the partnership features 14 authentic dishes, including two, newly created and limited-edition Singaporean specialities.

It’s assumed you won’t have a single item already and so amazingly every last ingredient is in the brown bag, the chicken was in a vac pack and kept cold by blocks and eco friendly recyclable blankets.

Lots and lots of sachets, as well as fresh ginger, spring onion, pak choi and chili.

We were sent two to try – Hainanese Chicken Rice and Braised Beef Noodles.

Hainanese Chicken comes originally from Hainan, but it’s incredibly popular in Singapore. Poached chicken in a fragrant stock ( use the stock after to cook the pakchoi) , rice richly flavoured with garlic ginger and sesame oil, the whole doused in sauce when served and accompanied by a chili sauce.

The instructions were clear and we had no problems at all apart from finding scissors for all the sachet opening and the soy sauce sachets which, no matter how carefully you open them, always seem to squirt soy sauce everywhere.

As you can see, our finished version wasn’t a million air miles from the original and it was extremely tasty.

We also tried making Braised Beef Noodles, and while ours came out a lot saucier than their photo I’m sure it tasted just as good.

The promotion runs until July 4th with plenty of great dishes left, plus each box includes a Singapore Airlines discount code up to £100*

The cook-at-home kits are available to purchase via