Learning to slice Jamon Ibérico is just one of the experiences now available at Ibérica. We gave it a go.

Perhaps the one big thing that stops me going full veggie is charcuterie; I could not live without it.

And above all, the idea of never tasting jamon again is impossible. The way the fat melts on your lips, the fat is in many ways the best bit, and then the taste of the meat. A glass of fino and you’re in pig heaven.

Finding more about jamon only makes you appreciate it more, and at Iberica you don’t just get to carve your own waffer-thin slices, which is not easy by the way, but you also get a cheerful tutorial from one of their expert carvers.

We learned about the grading system of coloured tags that accompany each leg through the process all the way from field  to the plate, ensuring you are getting exactly what you’re paying for.

Also we learned how the pigs head off to the wide open spaces from October to February to forage freely for the acorns they love. Each pig can knock back 10kg of acorns a day and this diet creates the flavour, as well as the fat that is as healthy as olive oil.

And we got to try a tutored tasting of three different grades of freshly sliced jamon Ibérico, from perfectly good to an amazingly good one that had  been aged for a minimum of 42 month.

And all with sherry and Picos de Pain and ending with some of Iberica’s legendary croquetas made, of course, with jamon.

And there’s more. Great ideas for meeting new like-minded people, or for a group night out.

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Spanish Gin and Tonic Experience
This experience is guaranteed to get tastebuds singing, giving guests the opportunity to create 3 beautiful combinations using a variety of Spanish gins, premium tonics and botanicals. In true Spanish style, sit back, sip and enjoy, alongside a selection of Ibérica’s best bar snacks.

Sherry Discovery Experience
Sherry is a Spanish staple, with centuries of tradition and history. The Sherry Discovery Experience is designed to celebrate both new flavours and old favourites, whilst savouring the incredibly complex flavour profile of the much-loved wine. Sip on a selection of 5 different sherries, each paired with a variety of savoury nibbles from the delicatessen.

Private ExperiencesFor those looking for a bespoke activity to do with friends or colleagues, or to simply learn more about Spanish culture and cuisine, then look no further than a private masterclass. The experienced team at Ibérica can provide tailor-made experiences to suit all needs.