Scandinavia is all the rage, from bands like Alphabeat to places like Madsen which is, to be specific, predominantly a Danish restaurant and which Danes all rave is the real deal.

The classic Smørrebrød feature fancy toppings on sourdough bread and come as hot or cold options depending on your mood and the weather. A herring platter has three types of fish accompanied by a wicked curry sauce, or you can have tender beef with crispy onions, pickled cucumber and horseradish – a classic taste of Denmark.

Breaded, pan-fried filet of plaice served with Greenland prawns, house remoulade and dill on rye bread is a great combination of textures, while Frikadeller – homemade Danish meatballs served with potato salad and pickled cucumber are popular all over the country. You can even try a Hakkebøf med spejlæg -a Danish beef burger served with a fried egg, onions, and pickled beetroot on rye bread, something you wont find Ronald McD offering any time soon.

Sustainability and sense are watchwords at Madsen – there are no patio heaters but if you want to beat the cold, they’ll loan you a nice warm Danish blanket. The menus are printed on recycled paper, and the catering deliveries are made using a van that runs on LPG fuel.

A cool offer uniquely from Foodepedia.

From 13 to 31 January, enjoy a complimentary bottle of house wine worth £14.50 for a minimum of two people choosing at least two courses from Madsen’s a-la-carte menu*.

Just click on the image to download a printable .pdf voucher to take with you when you go.

*Offer available at dinner only, Monday to Saturday. Not available in conjunction with any other offer or any other menu.