Kuldeep Singh, Executive Chef of Mela, the contemporary Indian restaurant group, is feeling fresh and fruity this May in celebration of Vegetarian Week. With many restaurants focusing on vegetables, Kuldeep wanted to showcase a menu that also included some of his favourite fruit inspired dishes.

The ‘Fruits of India’ menu will highlight typical Indian fruits including the gooseberry and jackfruit, alongside apricots, plums and gingered dates for a spice infused vegetarian delight that may just tempt the odd carnivore or two.

Mela continue to showcase the finest regional dishes from India. Explore delights from Rajasthan and Kashmir and discover the subtle nuances that each location and cooking style offers.


Subz Seekh Kebab £4.95
Seekh kebab with apricots, carrots, potatoes, beans, plums and cottage cheese skewered over a charcoal oven.
Dahi Ke Kebab £4.95
A Rajasthan favourite; hung yoghurt with roasted gram flours stuffed with gingered dates.


Paneer Aamla Pasanda £9.95
Cottage cheese stuffed with gooseberries in a mild cashew curry.
Bharwan Dum Aloo Kashmiri £7.95
Potatoes filled with exotic fruits and nuts in an authentic spicy Kashmiri curry.
Jack Fruit Biryani £9.95
Dumpukth style jackfuit on a bed of basmati rice.


Gajrela £3.95
Carrot cake served with fresh fruit

Mela continues to offer affordable, high quality Indian cuisine, taking diners on a journey through the regional flavours of this exciting country. So what better reason to delve further into this cuisine than to try this limited menu running from 18th to 24th May?

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